Rhine Riesling Union

From the Swiss Alps, through Germany, France and Netherlands flows the romantic Rhine, rushing fiercely into the Northern sea. This great river enveloped in myths and legends, adorned by steep slopes, sweet-scented vineyards and ancient castles, has a unique character. On its banks grows a great white sort of grapes, Riesling. Warm and sincere, cold and prudent. German-born, it is Alsace’s very own.


The winemakers call Riesling the German grape prince. Today you can find this sort anywhere in the world – from Russia to New Zealand. MAREA restaurant is proud to introduce you to the beginning of Riesling’s history. Meet the Rhine union!


Laugel Riesling Cuvee Selectionnee / Arthur Metz – “the French Alsace is a fairy tale told only to good children”. A wine with a delicate fruity scent, a bright fruity taste and a fresh aftertaste.


Riesling Dry / Villa Wolf – an expressive wine from the Pfalz region of Germany. A scent with hints of tropical fruit, mango and citrus notes in the taste and a fresh mineral aftertaste.


Riesling / Kaufmann – a biodynamic wine from the Rheingau region of Germany. A scent with peach, lavender and mint notes. Hints of kiwi, musk and meadow flowers open in its fresh and juicy taste.