Elegant Sauvignon Blanc

Every wine connoisseur is well acquainted with Sauvignon Blanc grape variety. During the last 10 years New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs have become especially popular. This variety began its triumphal march from French regions of Bordeaux and Loire valley. It also bloomed wonderfully in the hands of Italian winemakers from Friuli Venezia Giulia region. As everywhere else in this country, rich cultural heritage here is in perfect harmony with gastronomical heritage. It is the birthplace of wonderful cheeses, ham and famous white wines.

MAREA restaurants invite you to try one of the best white wines of the region. 

Please welcome Attems Sauvignon Blanc from the legendary winemaker Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi that boasts more than 700 years of winemaking history. It was here that the celebrated Luce wine was born.

ATTEMS SAUVIGNON BLANC – a bright mineral wine with aroma of field herbs and tropical fruit. It is distinguished by its lasting refreshing taste with hints of meadow flowers and citrus fruit.