Orange revolution

What is orange wine? Despite its name, it is not a wine made of oranges or something exotic. It crowns a special group of wines made of white sorts of grapes, which are produced in the same way as red wines and therefore have a very rich color, taste and flavor.

A classic technology of making orange wine originates from Caucasus: it has been used on the territory of modern Georgia for more than 8000 years. The Georgians call it amber wine, but all over the world it is known as orange. Many wine lovers across the world who are in a constant search for something new enthusiastically talk about oranges. And professionals tend to see orange wines as a separate category, together with the reds, whites and pinks.

Today orange wines are made in many countries. Please meet orange wine from Crimea, from leading Russian winemakers – Igor Samsonov and Oleg Repin.

ESSE Unplugged Rkatsiteli Orange – a wine with a pleasant golden-honey colour. Its aroma blooms with hints of roasted bread crust, apple quince and roasted apple. Its taste boasts defined flavors of nut cake, apricots and dates.